Video from the Truslow Family B-24 Flight

I created this video after the B-24 flight my family took on Witchcraft through the Collings Foundation in May 2018 from John Wayne Airport in California.

Mike Whalen Timeless Voices Video

Mike Whalen was the Radio Operator on Wally’s crew. He was also an enlisted man and lived in Wally’s barracks. This is an excellent video (45 minutes) telling a narrative history of their time at Shipdham. I cannot recommend this video highly enough!

Notes from Mike Whalen Timeless Voices Video
Mara’s Notes about the video include direct quotes/summary in bullet form for Quick Reference.

Mike Whalen.png

Andy Rooney Interview about Covering the Eighth Air Force During WWII

8th Air Force Training Video – “Target for Today – 1944”

44th Bomb Group Memorials at Shipdham Video

44th Bomb Group Original Footage Video

Liberators Over Europe 1942-1945

Video from the Collings Foundation about the B-24 Flights they Offer Today

Discovery Channel – Great Planes – Consolidated B-24 Liberator

Tour of the 2nd Air Division Museum in Norwich from Rob Edwards

Rob has been tremendously helpful in this research, and he helps families like ours with visits to the bases in East Anglia, as well as preserving the history of those who served in the 2nd Air Division during WWII. Rob has helped submit the history of Wally’s service (via this website) to the American Air Museum in Norwich so a record of Wally’s service is available to the public.

2 thoughts on “Videos

  1. The video of Mike Whalen is “file not found”. Is there another location where I can see this video? My father was a radio operator on the B-24 Rum Runner in the 493rd Bomb Group. Thank a lot.


  2. Hi Charlie, Nice to hear from you! I think EAA Timeless Voices took it down or put it behind a pay wall. However, I have a copy on my computer I’d be happy to share, if you’ll just drop your email here, I can send to you! – Mara


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